Activate the Regenerative Potential of Your Body

Autologous Cell Fractions: The Future of Healthcare

Founded in 2016 by a team of Doctors & Scientists, we are pioneers in the field of regenerative medicine, dedicated to transforming lives and promoting preventative healthcare through innovative autologous cell fraction therapies.

Regenerative medicine targets the root causes of ailments by leveraging the body's innate ability to heal itself by rejuvenating or replacing damaged cells and tissues. Its principles are deeply rooted in a component that has been part of our biology for ages: stem cells.

Unravelling the Potential

Stem cells are nature's own builders within our bodies. Often referred to as the body's "natural repair kit," these cells possess an extraordinary characteristic: the ability to remain undifferentiated, waiting for a signal to turn into virtually any type of cell our body may need.

There are many different types & different sources of stem cells found in various tissues throughout the body, for example, in the bone marrow, adipose tissue (fat), dental pulp, etc.

Bone marrow or fat derived Mesenchymal Stem Cells seem to have the best regenerative capacities. Ensuring they are Autologous (sourced from your own body) makes these remarkable cells a safer, low-risk option for addressing a wide range of degenerative health issues.

These cells offer ethical and safety advantages, when activated can help modulate immune responses, facilitate tissue repair while also promising lifestyle enhancements, neurological benefits and anti-aging effects.

What Makes Them Unique

Replace damaged and diseased cells

Modulate the immune system

Locate and reduce areas of inflammation

Improve bodies natural healing abilities

Autologous MSCs have no known side effects

Autologous Cell Fractions: Path to Reduce hurdles

Living with a chronic disease is a journey that often brings with it a cascade of emotional and mental challenges, creating ripples that touch every aspect of life.

Financial Considerations

High lifetime healthcare costs for chronic conditions.

Physical Challenges

Limited Daily mobility, dependency.

Emotional Hurdles

Mental health impacts compound over time.

Care Complexity

Chances of other complications increase with age.

But what if there was a way to address the root cause of the disease and alleviate the associated emotional, physical and financial implications?

Autologous Cell Fractions: Therapeutic Applications


Founded by Doctors and Scientists

Non-Surgical Technique

No known Side Effects

70% Success Rate*

FDA Approved Center

Transparent Protocol & Pricing

Exploring Your Next Steps

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In-Depth Screening and Consultation

An initial assessment conducted to evaluate your medical history and determine the feasibility of cell fraction therapy for your individual needs.

Pre Testing (blood & diagnostic tests)

Some tests which help rule out infections, ensure it is safe to do the therapy for you & determine your final protocol.

Arrival & Preparation for therapy (30 mins)

Upon arrival, our experienced team ensures your utmost comfort & prepares you for the upcoming therapy and gets you ready for harvesting.

Stem Cell Harvesting, Processing & Activation & Infusion, Procedure (2.5 hours)

We efficiently harvest your ACF in about 15 to 30 minutes and technologically refine & activate your stem cells, administering them into targeted areas for optimised repair & regeneration.

Aftercare & Support

Typically the therapy is a day care procedure with only certain cases requiring overnight stays for observation.

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Get Answers To Your Questions

ACFs are your own cell fractions that target the root causes of ailments by leveraging the body's innate ability to heal itself by rejuvenating or replacing damaged cells and tissues. To know more read our detailed ACF blog.

Autologous Cell Fraction Therapy is a way to address the root cause of the disease and alleviate areas of inflammation, regenerate damaged and diseased cells, and modulate the immune system by using the healing abilities of your own cells.

At ALIV, we prioritise patient safety. It is considered safe as we use only autologous cells, which are extracted from the patient's own body. This minimises the risk of adverse reactions and ensures the highest standards of safety with no known side effects.

Each session takes about 3 hours. Most can return to normal activities within a few hours to a couple of days, with post-procedure care instructions and guidance.

The timeline for experiencing results from Autologous Cell Fractions can vary depending on the individual patient and the condition being treated. Some patients may notice improvements within weeks, while others may require several months or more to experience the full benefits of the procedure.

Results' longevity varies with the conditions being treated, with some patients experiencing long-lasting improvements, while others may require additional sessions to combat degeneration & maintain benefits. For anti-aging, a yearly session is recommended. For other conditions, typically, 2-3 sessions in the first 3 months are advised, with results observed over the following months.

Autologous Cell Fractions promote revival and repair of damaged cells, which may lead to symptom relief and improved function. However, the extent to which it can "cure" a condition varies. It may significantly improve quality of life or provide temporary relief.

Yes, it can often be very supportive with physical therapy, medication, or surgery.

Success rate depends on the quantity and quality of the cell fractions that we can extract from you. We have a very strict patient selection criteria and will only recommend the therapy if we believe it can benefit you. Because of this 70% of our cases have seen satisfactory results & 20% have seen short lived results.

Coverage for cell fraction therapy depends on your specific insurance plan and the condition being treated. In most cases, insurance does not cover this form of procedure.

We administrate 100 to 180 million activated cell fractions over the full protocol.

Yes, your body continuously produces cell fractions and replenishes them over the 5 to 7 days post procedure.

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