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What are IV Drips?

IV Drip is a simple and gentle method that infuses vital fluids, medications, and nutrients directly into your bloodstream. It's a quick and comfortable way to get what your body needs.

Efficient Cellular Uptake

Rapid, Efficient Cellular Uptake

Higher Doses

Higher Doses, Better Results


100% Bioavailability

Why opt for IV over oral supplements?

The rate of absorption is the greatest difference between oral supplements and vitamin injections. Oral supplements must pass through your digestive system before the vitamins and minerals can enter your bloodstream. Much of the nutrients are lost in this process before they can provide benefits to your body. Absorption may be even poorer for those with poor gut health.

Vitamin injections demonstrate more rapid results due to its direct administration into the bloodstream. While oral supplements must be taken daily, vitamin injections do not have to be administered as frequently to get the full benefits.

Step into a world of modern wellness with our scientifically-formulated, high-quality IV Drip Therapies.

Boosters Shots/Add ons:

IM / IV Duration Cost Per Booster Shot
B12 5 mins 600
D3 5 mins 600
Haemoglobin Booster 30 mins 4,500 - 7,000*
Ferritin Booster 30 mins 4,500 - 7,000*
Vit C 15 mins 2,000
Triple C - Vit C, Collagen, CoQ 20 mins 3,000
B Complex Hydration 5 mins 2,000
MetaBoost 20 mins 4,000
L-Carnitine 5 mins 1,000
Biotin 10 mins 1,000

*Cost is subject to change based on the levels of the patient.

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IV Drip is a simple and gentle method that infuses vital fluids, medications, and nutrients directly into your bloodstream. It's a quick and comfortable way to get what your body needs.

IV drip therapy delivers immediate hydration, revitalization, and recuperation by providing a physiological boost directly to your cells. This advanced preventive healthcare measure ensures optimal nutrient concentrations, potentially preventing health issues.

Oral supplements may not provide optimal bio availability as a large portion of the nutrients can be metabolised or excreted during digestion. On the other hand IV Drips ensures 100% bioavailability, rapid and efficient cellular uptake, higher doses and better results. Moreover, higher doses of certain nutrients are needed to cause certain effects in the body, which is not always possible to obtain via supplements.

Number of sessions required depends on the therapy in question, the desired results and each individual's lifestyle & physiological factors. On an average most people opt for 8 to 15 sessions. Each IV Drip session at ALIV typically lasts between 45 minutes to 90 mins depending on the combination being given. Booster shots last anywhere between 5 to 25 minutes. Results may vary from person to person, but many clients report feeling increased energy levels, overall well-being and enhanced metabolism after just one session. The results last for anywhere between 1 - 6 months after regular Phase 1 and maintenance sessions. Long-term benefits include increased resilience against age-related diseases and enhanced physical and cognitive functions.

Nothing more than a small pinch. The procedure involves a needle for IV insertion, topical local anaesthesia and our well experienced nursing staff makes the discomfort minimal. Moreover, the needle is used only for insertion. Our advanced practices make use of flexible silicon inlets to deliver the nutrients in your blood post the needle prick so most individuals do not feel a thing!

Most individuals experience no major side effects. Some minor side effects during the therapy may include dizziness, nausea, slight irritation at the site of injection. They subside almost instantaneously after a few minutes. After the first few sessions when your body gets used to taking these elements in the IV form, most individuals do not feel any side effects if proper precautions and instructions are followed.

Yes, the therapy is minimally invasive, allowing most clients to resume their daily activities immediately. We recommend taking it easy for a couple of hours

All of our IV infusion specialists are Registered Nurses (RN) who are trained and experienced in administering IV drip therapy for individuals across all ages.

At ALIV, our expert team of medical professionals develop & deliver safety and quality in every procedure. We pride ourselves on offering tailored IV Drips, customised to individual health needs for best results.We believe in empowering our patients with knowledge about the benefits and science of each therapy. You can learn more about us here.

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